Build your website based on evidence, not false beliefs.

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We've created UX Myths to serve as a reference for site owners and designers.

Our goal is to provide evidence in user experience design that can help stakeholders move away from design decisions that are based merely on beliefs and personal opinions. But you should still do your own research, check how your design performs.

We've collected a lot of research data, as well as facts, quotes and articles from well-known designers and web experts in order to debunk the common web design misconception.

UX Myths is the brainchild of Zoltán Gócza, and is based on his blog Defend your design.

Zoltán Gócza – LinkedIn, Twitter

Head of UX at Centralway in Zürich, Switzerland. Formerly UX director at Ustream. Passionate about building desireable, beautiful products.

Zoltán Kollin – LinkedIn, Twitter

UX designer at Mito in Budapest, Hungary. Addicted to the internet and web applications.

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